Media: “Another billion aid from the United States to Kiev”. The Russians captured two Americans. Putin-C phone call: “united against sanctions” – live stream

Media: “Another billion billion US aid ready for Ukraine”

The Biden administration is preparing to announce $ 1 billion in new aid to Ukraine. Bloomberg quoted the Associated Press as saying.

The Russians captured two American volunteers

Two American volunteers were captured by Russian forces near Kharkiv in Ukraine. Citing the Daily Telegraph, the Daily Mail reports that Robert Drooker and Andy Huin – both U.S. Army personnel and prisoners from Alabama – were taken prisoner last week. Druirke and Huin left for Ukraine as volunteers to assist Kiev forces.

Media: “Turkey denies meeting with Sweden and Finland”

Turkey has rejected a NATO proposal for a tripartite meeting with Sweden and Finland to address the question of Ankara’s opposition to Scandinavian countries’ entry into the Atlantic Alliance. This was reported by some Turkish media outlets who published an excerpt from an article in the Financial Times, citing informative sources in the document.

Russian attacks on Mykolive

Russian forces today carried out new raids in the residential districts of Mykolaiv, attacking a four-storey building and injuring at least one person. This was stated by Mayor Nikolaev Alexander Chenkevich, quoting Ukrainska Pravda.

Ankara: “Possible safe route for grain in the Black Sea”

“The areas where the mines are located are known: it is possible to create safe exit routes from the three ports, which will allow ships to pursue without any threat. Mevlut CavusogluAccording to reports fromUNIAN Quoting the media Ankara. The Turkish minister called the UN plan for Ukrainian wheat exports “realistic.” “We are waiting for Russia’s response on this issue. Turkey supports this plan. If the parties support this initiative, a meeting can be arranged in Istanbul to discuss the details, ”he added.

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Kiev: “Opposition in Severdonetsk prevents Russian progress”

“It is getting harder and harder, but our army is fighting the enemy from three directions at once. They are defending Chevrodonetsk Do not allow to advance towards the enemy Lyciansansk. But the Russians are close, the people are suffering, the houses are being destroyed. ” This was quoted by the Governor of the Lukansk region, Sergei Kaitoi. Cnn. “Buildings near the chemical factory (Azot) are being destroyed. The enemy is weak in street battles, which is why they use artillery and destroy our homes, ”he added.

380 cultural sites have been destroyed since the beginning of the war

Since the beginning of the conflict on February 24, Russian attacks have been damaged or destroyed beyond that 380 sites Cultural heritage in Ukraine. This was stated by the Deputy Minister of Culture and Information. Anastasia Ponder, Russian forces attack architectural, archaeological, religious and other monuments across the country. He brings it back Kiev Freedom.

Moscow: “We do not expect sanctions on gas”

Russia does not anticipate restrictions on its gas supply in the future. This was stated by Vladimir Chisov, Moscow’s Permanent Representative to the European Union, quoted by TASS.

Putin-G: “More cooperation against sanctions”

Relationships between Russia And China “They have reached an unprecedented level and are constantly improving.” Thus said the respective leaders. Vladimir Putin And Xi JinpingIn a telephone call today, they agreed to “strengthen cooperation in energy, finance and industry.” In light of the illegal restrictions Westerners, “the Kremlin was quoted as saying Tax.

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Pentagon: “Increase aid to Kiev”

“We are here to support Ukraine and give it what it needs to defend itself. We can not lose momentum. We are at a critical juncture. Russia has changed its strategy and we must not underestimate the challenges to Ukraine: we must Increase aid to Kiev. The Russian invasion is not only a danger to Ukraine, but also a threat to European security. Thus said the US Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III The meeting of the Liaison Committee on Ukraine began at the NATO headquarters in Brussels, where about 45 defense ministers and heads of state from around the world met.

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