Moscow is ready for talks. Putin torpedoing Super General Dvorniko

E Not close to the conversation. Dmitry Medvedev, vice-president of the Russian Security Council, told Al Jazeera that the resumption would take place. Negotiations: «Our country does not exclude itself from international relations. We are ready to talk and debate on any issue, but on the basis of respect. These reports were re-launched by the Russian news agency Interfax, so they carry a certain weight. Medvedev, The former head of the Russian Federation, added: “Ukraine’s refusal to agree will lead to the loss of its national sovereignty.” As the saying goes: Kiev leaves a part of the territory to avoid bad problems. However, in a speech linked to the 100 days of war, Zhelensky reiterated: “Victory will be ours.”

whats going on? According to Medvedev, is the resumption of negotiations stalled due to lack of realism in Kiev really approaching? Let’s go step by step. General Alexander yesterday DvornikovKnown by the nickname “Butcher of Syria” Putin To renew the wave of war in Ukraine, removed. In his place, he was appointed Commander-in-Chief of General Operations Gennady Zhdiko, Deputy Minister of Defense. This news was published by Kyev Independent Conflict Investigation Team (Committee of Independent Analysts from the Opposition in Russia). In a nutshell: not official, but this hypothesis has been circulating for days, and has been re-launched by Western newspapers from the New York Times to the Daily Mail. If confirmed, it would undermine the study that the Russians were winning the Donbass after the failure of progress on Kiev.


Putin has already fired several generals since February 24, but Dorniko’s removal will prove what British intelligence has written: Russia Records a tactical victory Donbass, But to date, no strategic results have been obtained compared to the initial plan; True, now it controls 90 percent Lugansk (One of the two regions that make up Donbass, the other Donetsk), but “it costs a lot in terms of resources”. Over the next two weeks he should gain full control of Lukansk and then focus on Donetsk (the American think tank ISW observes), “but he is unlikely to have the strength to fully capture it”. So far the war situation is even more elusive: Russia won the Donbass, but at a higher price. During the day, the Kremlin spokesman, Peskov, He explained: We have already achieved some results and will continue until all objectives are achieved. Putting the pieces of the puzzle together one would say: once it has taken a part of Lukansk and Donetsk, Russia will sit at the negotiating table and negotiate starting from the current position. The duration of the war may be shorter than predicted by NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, who instead spoke of “being torn apart.” According to General Vincenzo Camborini, Former chief of the Air Force and Defense, however, said the conflict would last a maximum of two more months because “resources are not limitless” and “the Russians are pulling out half-century-old tanks from moths”. In a possible conclusion linked to the Donbass, many analysts call with caution: it does not accept the loss of important parts of the Kiev region.

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Francesca explains மனேந்திDirector of Chesapeake (Center for International Studies): “The Russians in Donbass want two things: they have to present a consensus decision now that their goal was not achieved in the beginning. At the time, they aimed to create a kind of regional continuum with Crimea in the east, which opened in 2014 and never closed to Russia.

Until then, Moscow is in danger of going further Odessa, Remove all sea views from Ukraine? “We do not know – says Francesca Manendi – from a Russian point of view it would be optimal because it would rely entirely on Moscow for its own food security. It would make a minimal decision to present its public opinion to justify the so-called special military operation, but will Ukraine agree to negotiate after losing part of Lukansk and Donetsk? ” Zhelensky must also explain the abandonment of part of Ukrainian territory to his public opinion, which must justify its acceptance of a kind of “distorted victory.”

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