Moscow: “The answer to the siege of Kaliningrad will not be diplomatic”. Stoltenberg: “Russia has become a major threat to NATO” – live broadcast

5 women killed in motor fire in Isiam area

Five women have been killed in a series of bombings by Russian forces in the Izium district of Kharkiv in eastern Ukraine. This was announced by the head of the district administration Stephen Machelsky, cited by Ukrainska Pravda, according to which 5 civilians were attacked near the entrance of a building in the village of Priship at 13.30.

EU sources: “Kaliningrad case ends on council schedule”

The Kaliningrad case is “growing” and will end at the Council of Europe table. This was supported by a European diplomatic source who was well aware of the problem. “The Commission is expected to provide Lithuania with an update of its guidelines in the next 24 hours,” the source said. The feeling that sanctions were not “designed” to target cargo moving from one part of the Russian Federation to another, and that the current tension was caused by the approved “speed” of the set of sanctions. “Moscow is using the situation to blame the EU for the siege, but it is not.”

Stoltenberg: “Russia has become a major threat to NATO”

“I expect the next NATO strategic vision to be recognized by the leaders at the Madrid summit, which will identify Russia as a major threat to our security.” NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg made the remarks at an event hosted by Politico.

President Lithuania: “We are ready for Russia’s friendly action”

Lithuania expects retaliation from the Russian side for the siege of Kaliningrad. Speaking to Reuters in an interview with CNN, Lithuania’s President Kitanas Nousada said: “We are ready for Russia’s friendly action, such as the disconnection of the Braille system (a system of power grids owned by Russia), Belarus and the Baltic states).” Nauseda supported the decision to block EU sanctions on goods from Russia via Lithuania to the Kaliningrad Exclave: “We are only enforcing sanctions imposed by the EU and have nothing to do with this. Bilateral relations between Russia and Lithuania are under review. It would be nice to explain to the Russian authorities that this will alleviate some of the tension. “

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Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister: “Out of 27 EU members, Ukraine’s candidacy is 100% certain”

Olha Stepanishina, Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Coalition, is “100%” sure that all 27 EU member states will agree to grant Ukraine’s candidate status to EU membership. He said in an interview with the Associated Press that the decision could come in the first two days of the EU summit in Brussels.

Missiles on Nikolaev, two schools damaged

Two school buildings were damaged following a massive missile attack on Nikolaev this morning. This was announced by the Ukrainian news agency UNIAN, citing the ‘Southern’ operational command. The Russian Navy’s naval team “prepares to fire another 44 cruise missiles”, the command added.

Finland: “Ready to fight attack”

If attacked, Finland is ready to fight. This was confirmed by the Commander-in-Chief of the Helsinki Army, Timo Givinen, who commented on the dangers of military threats from Russia. In Ukraine, the Finnish General explained, quoting the Guardian, “with the massive use of effective weapons, armor and air force,” we have “systematically developed our military defenses for this kind of war in Ukraine.” “Ukraine was hard to cock – he added – Finland”.

Moscow: “Contacts with the United States on captured U.S. mercenaries”

Moscow has confirmed a report from Washington on the fate of two U.S. citizens captured in Ukraine and those accused of being mercenaries in Kiev. Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Rybkov said Russian officials were “discussing” the issue. Earlier, Foreign Ministry spokesman Nate Price said that the United States and Russia were working together on the issue. Riabkov, quoted by Tass, did not release the content of the message. “We do not comment on the content of the diplomatic statements,” he said.

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Scholz: “The Western Balkans now in the EU”

“The West Balkans deserve a clear answer.” German Chancellor Olaf Scholes spoke to the Bundestag in Berlin. “We need to be clear: now is the time. We want and need the Western Balkans in the EU. This is the message of my trip to the region. This will be my message at tomorrow’s EU summit. I hope everyone will throw their hearts out to the barrier.”

Scholz: “We need a Marshall Plan to rebuild Ukraine”

“Ukraine needs Marshall plan for reconstruction”. Olaf Scholes said while speaking to Bundestock. The German president noted his visit to Ukraine last week, in which he saw a catastrophe reminiscent of German cities after World War II, saying “Ukraine today needs a Marshall Plan for Reconstruction, just as Europe was torn apart then.” Scholz stressed that rebuilding Ukraine would be a task for “generations” and would require a lot of effort from international organizations and donor countries.

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