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Hungarian Prime Minister Susa Hegedus quits after anti-immigrant speech And Timmermans: Racism is a poison

Ahead is the only possible choice “A Nazi Speech”. One of the long-time advisers of the Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban After more than twenty years of friendship he resigned, making the most serious charge. Sociologist Zsuzsa Hegedüs explained this in a letter to the Hungarian president and published in the journal Hvg: “I have no choice”.

The decision followed Orban’s speech at the Dusvanios summer demonstration in Romania last Saturday. The Hungarian prime minister also never misses an opportunity to pursue his anti-immigrant policies Opposed a multiracial society, but this time he went further by using the word “race”. In the past he had refrained: “In the Carpathian basin, we are not a mixed race, but a mixture of people living in our own European home. (…) We are ready to mix, but We don’t want to become mixed race“. And I could say that “immigration has split Europe in two, or the West in two” and “One half is a world where Europeans and non-Europeans live side by side, and these countries are no longer countries: they are nothing but masses of people.

Hegedus, who has been the Prime Minister’s Adviser on Social Inclusion since 2010, defined it. “An absolutely Nazi speech worthy of Goebbels”, calling the “disgraceful position” “contrary to all my fundamental values”, “beyond the limits of acceptance” and saying he wanted to stop defending Orban because he was “neither a racist nor a right-wing extremist”. After the liberal turn in 2014 – he explained in the letter – it became difficult to defend Orbán’s position “despite the fact that you never limited my absolute freedom”.

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The relationship has already begun to fray with a law banning the sharing of homosexual content to minors, opposed by Brussels because it discriminates against the LGBT community. But, “despite these precedents”, the letter continues, the councilor “was surprised by the speech”. Graduating from Budapest in 1969 and immigrating in 1976, he earned a PhD in sociology, dealing with new social movements and later theorizing the emerging global and self-creating society, publishing works in French, English and Italian. She could not return to her motherland for ten years. In 1981, in Italy, «Economic Reform and Social Conflict. The Hungarian Case”. Friendship with Orban is twenty years old, she herself remembers. A councilor since 2010, he sparked scandal in 2015 by claiming Hungary had no systemic child hunger and poverty, despite statistics to the contrary, and was later accused by the opposition of wasting public money. In the letter, Hegedus insists that last Saturday’s speech was “a stark contrast to Victor, who hired me in November 2002 and was a pleasure to work with until 2013.”

Office Orban issued a response denying the allegations: “After twenty years of working together you cannot seriously accuse me of racism – Prime Minister wrote -. You know better than anyone that my government in Hungary pursues a zero-tolerance policy on both anti-Semitism and racism. In the second letter Hegedes responded by recalling his parents’ experiences as Holocaust survivors. The speech provoked opposition from Robert Frohlich, the chief rabbi of the Budapest community. And the International Committee on Auschwitz said it was “horrified” and called on the EU to “distance itself”. Yesterday, EU Commission Vice-President Franz Timmermans said, “We are all one species, the human race. Racism is a poisonous political invention. It should have no place in Europe.

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