Photos explaining why she is the most hated woman in the UK – Libero Cottidiano

Britain’s most hated woman. This is how he defines himself Carla BellucciThe man, who has been in the crosshairs of social media since undergoing nose surgery in 2019, pretended to be depressed and received free. “If I were a flat girl with missing teeth, I wouldn’t be the victim of the same level of abuse,” says the 40-year-old, former model, who makes a lot of money by removing the same fans.

Bellucci, a mother of four, often receives negative comments on Instagram – she had to disable them from other women because of how popular she was. “I’m always been called in bad ways, even put *** – Al said Daily star -, Would you call me that if I were the average looking mom? I think all of this hatred would not have come to me if I had not been sexy. There are those who have done worse than me, but apparently I am the most hated woman in Britain. I see above all Frenzied moms who hate me Then they can show off all their ‘flops’ in a small bikini. Why should I be teased for hot photos on the fan? ”.

Despite returning from a luxury trip to Dubai, Bellucci says he has not been able to fully enjoy life due to the disgusting news that continues. “I was never teased by an attractive woman – he declared – but always wants flat and toothless giants. Women constantly insult me: it’s simple, they hate sexy women, they are jealous and hateful.

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