Putin and the “Alpha Mouse” Lesson: War does not like it, but the United States and the United Kingdom are playing with fire (because burnt hands are not theirs)

All biographies Vladimir Putin There is a short story from his childhood that best describes the character. As a child he lived in one of the ubiquitous squalid community housing complexesSoviet Union And insideEastern Europe. Some hobbies included hunting rats that attacked buildings. Baby Putin was good at capturing them because he understood how their psychology works when they realize they are prey. In the memories of those years is the rat, the big rat, an undeniable hunt. Alpha mouse. The only thing you should not do to catch him is to accelerate him around the corner because the moment he realizes he has no way out, the rat turns against you and attacks you.

Nothing Joe Biden No. Boris Johnson They have never been in a similar situation and they have never caught a mouse and played with it. But of course they should treasure this story because what Putin says is really true, if the alpha mouse is in the corner and strikes without an escape route. Is that what the West is doing today in the conflict with Putin? Because at this pointNon-stop notification The invasion of Ukraine by the Russians seems to be the only target Washington Both are compelling Russia Interfere and Bring the war back to Europe.

Before spending a few words about the risk Rhetoric Of such characters Johnson And பிடன் Reflecting the peace on the old continent, it is good to reconsider the reasons for this conflict. Let’s start with 1989 The Berlin Wall fell. The deal is not to push NATO east. Basically what NATO was for After the fall of the Soviet Union? Why keep such an expensive military structure against the threat Soviet Communism When it collapsed and everyone was convinced that democracy would change it? Below TheEuropean union He can build his own military defense umbrella very well. But this was not the case, the EU entry of the former communist countries served as a service entry into NATO, which has been expanding since 1989.

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Some Eastern European countries pushed NATO east Poland, Author of a political and geographical revision of European history for some time. In short: the future of Ukraine, like its past, is not in it Russia, But countries in Central Europe, NATO and the European Union are firmly entrenched. Which countries are we talking about? Slovakia, Hungary, Lithuania And especially Poland. There Central Europe Is Drowned Eastern EuropeThe region has always included native countries, which have now become a small part west of Russian territory. Urals.

In 1999, the goal of Euro-Atlantic integration was achieved Poland Began to pursue a major new strategy in the East: by pulling the EU and NATO out of the eastern border of the EU and NATO Ukraine. The benefits were and are Cheap And Strategic, Poland is the largest exporter of goods and services to Ukraine along with Russia; The removal of the western part of Europe from Ukraine is a source of security for Poland. Finally, Ukraine’s entry into the EU will open Warsaw The long-awaited opportunity to change a E As the main force of the region.

In 2008, The PolandTogether SwedenIt proposed an Eastern alliance between the European Union and its European neighbors, which served as a precursor to joining the Union. Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus (Even if it is paused later) Azerbaijan, Georgia And Armenia. Such as major EU countries France And GermanyReluctant to pursue initiative, So the Kremlin was not irritatedIt naturally saw in the agreement the EU’s attempt to create a new sphere of influence in the East.

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But they did not stop the process Polonization Of Ukraine. First, Millions of Ukrainians have emigrated Inside Poland To that extent today they are an ubiquitous part of the structure of Polish society. Ukraine has become the most dependent remittance country in Europe Immigrants are the main source The economy of the country.

Witnessing threats of intervention and retaliation in recent weeks, it appears In practice Entry into Ukraine Was born And it has already happened in the EU, and we are above all On the brink of NATO’s armed intervention To protect a country that is not a part of it. The controversy revolves around Ukraine’s possible access to NATO, which must be remembered, and has nothing to do with the security of one of its members.

Given the geopolitical reality of the region, a better solution must be guaranteed, unlike the poles’ claim that it belongs to Eastern Europe and not to Central Europe. Neutrality of UkraineProtect it Bearing Between European union And Was born Aside and Russia On the other hand. This solution will neutralize Putin and give him his own Alpha Mouse Psychology One way. Why Russia A War with a major importer Its energy He did not want to do that But she also did not want to allow it Was born Keep yours Missiles To do 800 km from Moscow.

And we are coming Anglo-Saxon leaders. Both Biden and Johnson play with fire thinking they will not burn their hands. Armed intervention Ukraine It will change instantly A proxy war. The reason? For one percent of the pro-Russian or Russian-born population, the NATO forces They will not be released but Winners. At that point we will recover the horrors KosovoThatAfghanistan Or of Syria. Only this time Alpha Mouse Vladimir Putin He may conclude that it is time to turn against those who have hunted him for years. It is better not to think about the consequences Macron Find the right mediator.

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