Putin declares victory: “Mariupol is ours”. Steel plant siege: “Not a fly comes out”

There was no direct attack on the iron plant Azovstal. Vladimir Putin The city announces that Like Mariupol Is now at hand Russian, But only the facility that holds at least two thousand men should be encircled, this time, not attacked. It must have been so surrounded that the jar thundered, “Not even a fly can pass.” This is because, with the area around the “crystallized” steel plant, The Kremlin He could announce a quick victory against the rest of the city, and he could free up the army and weapons to be used in campaigns starting elsewhere. Donbass And in the southeastern cities of the country.

“Zhelensky orders surrender of steel plant”, General Bertolini: Only in this way can a massacre be avoided

Putin: “Mariupol is ours”

The capture of the city was announced by Moscow yesterday morning, and in everything that happens in this war, there are answers and denials. “They can not take Azvostal physically – declared Ukrainian Presidential Adviser Oleksi Arrestovich – they clearly understood this and thus suffered great losses in the area. Our opposition continues.” The same reaction of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky and US President Joe Biden did not confirm the capture of Mariupol by the Russians. “It’s a show,” Biden said. “I firmly believe that the invaders will not stop until the complete destruction of those in Azovstal – wrote Mayor’s adviser Pedro Andriyushchenko in a telegram. But it has not fallen yet. ”
It is true that the flags of the separatist republic of Donetsk have already appeared in the city for a few days. Many of Moscow’s special forces are leaving the area to advance on Donbass, where a more violent war is expected.

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That is why yesterday, Putin decided to show on television an interview with Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, in which the general officially informs him of the capture of the city. Hence the President’s request to declare a halt to action against Azovstal, but not to allow any movement in the area. The Kremlin has again offered to surrender to those banned from the plant. “If they leave, their lives will be saved,” they repeated. Others, it’s Moscow’s plan, will slowly suffocate until they run out of supplies and lay down their arms.


The situation seems immobile. It is now clear that subtle reserves are moving around Azovstale. Special interests beyond the importance of industrial structure. Many lives will be lost on both sides. And Putin does not want to play the role of “war criminal” who is constantly cutting him off. “There is no need to climb on these catacombs and crawl under the ground,” he told the Minister in the Commander’s Edition. In a conversation between Tsar and Shoi, the general said that “the remaining nationalist militants and foreign mercenaries are still hidden.” Kiev significantly strengthened Mariupol, sending about 8,100 soldiers, fighters of nationalist battalions and foreign mercenaries. Of these – according to the minister’s presidential statement – more than 4,000 Ukrainian militants were killed and 1,500 surrendered to Russia. The number of Russians affected was not specified.


According to Shoiku, the Russian propaganda news also mentions the humanitarian corridors where 142,700 people are evacuated every day. Statistics that clearly conflict with all the pictures and videos that come from those areas. Of the 90 buses that had to leave the city, very few departed. They came to Zaporizhia, but for many it was not a definite departure. “We will return to our homes – they announced – Mariupol will never become a Russian”.
It is still three to four days to capture the Moscow steel plant. “In this case – Putin himself said in a video released by Russian television – we have to think about saving the lives and health of our soldiers and officers.” In fact, attacking Azovstall would mean finding mines and traps set up by those who had detained themselves for weeks. The plant and its network of underground tunnels serve as a refuge and ultimate resistance to thousands of Ukrainian fighters, including many from the Azov Battalion, one of Ukraine’s most capable and controversial military units. In addition, if what the Mariupol City Council reported in the telegram was true, 1,000 civilians would be hiding in the underground network. “Below the city, there is practically another city,” explained Jan Gokin, adviser to the pro-Moscow separatist group of the Donetsk People’s Republic. Cogin acknowledged that the site was designed to withstand shelling and siege, and that despite the large number of guards, there was an integrated communications system that strongly supported them. Meanwhile, local Ukrainian authorities condemned a real massacre: “up to 9,000 people died in a mass grave in Manhush”, 20 km from Mariupol.

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At the diplomatic level, however, one way is still being negotiated after the Kiev negotiators offered to move to the city. The militants of the Azov regiment and the Ukrainian navy, who have always refused to surrender and asked to be taken to a third country, said Turkey already has a candidate to send a ship to break the blockade. And the clock is ticking now and not in their favor. Yuri Raisenkov, chief executive of the steel plant, explained that the situation was “catastrophic. When the war began, we had good food and water stored in airstrikes and factory facilities. Unfortunately, everything was running out.” Disasters, 90% of buildings were damaged or destroyed, and civilian casualties – more than 20,000, according to local officials – remain fragmented and uncertain. Russian soldiers said they had dug a 30-meter mass grave and brought the bodies with trucks. “

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