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“Putin is a leading war criminal of the 21st century, and he will certainly be prosecuted.” With a determined attitude, closed his eyes and stretched out his lips to condemn, Irina Venedikova has only one assurance: “As commander of the Russian Armed Forces, he is responsible for the atrocities in Ukraine, arrest him. Attempts will be made.”
For two months, the Ukrainian attorney general has been investigating war crimes committed by the Russian military since the invasion – “more than 8,000 have been identified so far” – and he does not hesitate to update the raw account of the massacre every day. And someone’s last name on Twitter. Who was responsible for the deaths and torture of civilians in Pucha, the risk of being denied.
In Irbine, which once hosted philharmonic concerts, the metal sheets moved by the wind in front of the recommended cultural mansion, between columns and vaults now destroyed by artillery shells and flames, make even worse noises. , Venediktova summoned the axes and cheered the latest data: 290 bodies were found in this city alone, including a child. Only 185 have been identified, while only “55 human remains”. Again: “40 of them were killed by gunfire, 35 by pieces, and 5 by starvation”. Another 210 people are still at large, and it is unclear how they died.
At the base of the white and blue building with neoclassical pretensions, in support of the cameras, investigators are carefully crafted by investigators in blue jackets with the word war crimes: missile pieces, recruitment grenades, bombs, lies. The theater’s parking lot is more or less on the asphalt. “They used 82 and 120mm motors, landmines, Iskander-M missiles, weapons prohibited by the Geneva Convention against civilians,” Venedikova said, referring to the black shirt and gray-green jacket. “Remember Chechnya, Georgia twice, remember Syria, remember Crimea and Donbass in 2014? What happened next? Nothing. Who paid for this? No one,” the prosecutor insists, noting that the massacre of Ukrainians will go unnoticed and punished.
“The 64th Motorcycle Equipment Regiment was in Pucha, 10 already charged and then in Irbine. A few days ago Putin rewarded its operations near Kiev. As commander he is responsible “, he thundered. “He will be interrogated along with 600 other suspects, top politicians, the military and Russian propaganda agents. They deserve the most severe punishment: they should be in jail until the end of their days,” he said.
The International Criminal Court and Eurojust are involved in the investigation, with the cooperation of investigators from various European countries.
However, the announced Italian panel of experts “has not yet arrived, we are waiting for it”, Venedikova showed impatience with the ANSA, concluding interim appointments of investigators in Rome, including forensic doctors, forensic and ballistic experts.
Meanwhile, more pits have been dug in the Irbin Cemetery and the bodies of the dead are ready to stay as soon as they are identified. At least 100 graves have recently been added, and conservationist Pedro Corol has warned of the danger of mines in the area. An elderly man gathers in front of his wife Svitlana, surrounded by his two grown children.
Place plastic garlands on the sand and tie some scarves on the iron cross. And he talks to her: “We’re all fine at home, I know you do not like it, but can I smoke?”

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