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from Alessio de Sauro

Bravo Yadis Resort in Djerba is under the accusation. Photo evidence and claim for refund. Albidour Group’s response: “We are correct and efficient. The resort in question is one of the most popular 4 stars according to Tunisian standards.”

Blood stained sheets, bugs in the dishes, holes in the walls. Yet the “Bravo Club”—the brand of the Albitur group—even troubling Homeric poetry to promote its tourist village in Tunisia: “At the end of his odyssey, Ulysses He returned to Ithaca – reading the brochure – but he couldn’t have stopped at that point Bravo Yadis Resort“. Perhaps, after encountering Polyphemus, it would have been too much even for the Achaean hero: at least this would suggest the stories of about fifty patrons of the Maghribi Hotel. They would have experienced a real odyssey, united by more than twenty families – mostly – of Lombard origin and the desire to spend a few days of vacation on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Now , photographs at hand, condemning the stay of the surreal.

Albidur Answer: “Very rare complaints, performance as per practice”

From the headquarters in Turin, Albitur group Challenging guests’ reconstruction: “It is a four star hotel – says a note from the company – in which 1,506 guests have stayed since the beginning of the season: Only 0.005% of them expressed willingness to change the structure and we listened and helped them. Our staff are Italian, the service was efficient and professional as usual ».

Complaint: “Dirty and dangerous setting”

However, testimonies from tourists contradict the company’s version. The itinerary was the same for many: departure from Malpensa, destination Djerba – among others – Italian entertainment and cuisine. Hope in vain, according to the vacationers: “We immediately discovered that there is no shadow of the Italian staff – he says Loretta Pezzetto, Milanese -: and the conditions of the hotel were disastrous. The food was practically raw, and in many cases the waiters put what fell on the floor back on the plates. The rooms were dirty, the sheets were never changed: we saw hair and red stains on them, it looked like blood ». But not only: “A tile has come off the wall Touching my daughter », Bezzetto continues.

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Same idea Stefania De Matteohe had booked seven days at his mother’s company: “The buffet meals were heated by halogen lamps positioned at eye level: one day one of these exploded, burning a woman. The staff served the children chilled sandwiches in the sun. Photographic evidence, uncovered electrical cables, dirty carpets, rusty showers, Hair dryers in a room shielded with electrical tape talk about water leaking from the bottom of the sanitary ware, mold on the walls, etc.”My daughter found a dead fly on a hamburger», Fabio from Luino in the Varese region, prefers to remain anonymous. Stefano Fabbri adds to Dose: “The air conditioning and the fridge didn’t work: I had to leave my daughter’s baby food in the heat.”

Transfer node

Vacationers ask to be transferred to another structure, but not everyone is satisfied: “There was a hole in the wall in my room – he explains. Giuseppe d’AssisiBhavese -, but the people in charge were repeatedly saying that there was nothing they could do. I got a new accommodation only after threatening to contact the embassy“. Others complain of less luck: “No one proposed anything to me,” says Pezzetto. But the albitor group was not there: “We always meet the needs of our customers and provide them with alternative solutions”.

Letter to Albidor Courier

“Dear Director and Dear Teacher,
“4-star resort in Tunisia, tourists condemn:” Raw food, dirt and tiles “” We carefully read today’s article signed by journalist Alessio de Sauro. This article mentions “Bravo Yadis Djerba”, a brand of the Albitur World portfolio, and we believe that a proper response to what is expressed in the text is necessary. Although regrettable, we deeply regret the excellent evidence provided to the case and, above all, to the name of our company, in a situation that was already fully managed by our staff and clearly highlighted in our response. Note , that represents a very small number of the resort’s total travelers, many of whom have expressed more than positive comments recently and through well-known sites, which you can easily verify. In a reply shared yesterday with the editorial staff – unfortunately resumed briefly in the article – we highlighted that the resort in question is one of the most appreciated 4 stars by Tunisian standards and that our Italian contacts continue to reside there for assistance and animation. So we’re surprised to read reports of customers reporting being abandoned by staff. To date, out of more than 1500 stays in the building, only 4 cases of clients have expressed a desire to change hotels, all of whom have engaged immediately as soon as they were able to find alternative accommodation. Our philosophy has always been to provide maximum efficiency and expertise, to provide current, active and timely assistance capable of providing quick and complete solutions to every need or problem expressed by our guests: for this reason, we are very sorry. On-site support and customer reports we stay in touch with at headquarters. We understand and respect your right to report, but unfortunately we regret that we have been able to provide so many testimonials to isolated situations that can occur physiologically, especially during the busy summer season, and instead, it is difficult to highlight that great commitment. Italian tourist, we are working hard to restart the engines of the tourism industry after difficult years, moving 500 thousand Italians around the world during the summer alone, not one Italian airline, or some, has suffered the cancellations that have always been the worst in the panorama of aviation in June and July. Finally, despite contacting us – we find it difficult to understand the editorial choice of the national newspaper Corriere, which limited a broad and clear stance on short jokes. It is not our intention to question your news choices, but the communication was given in response to a very small number of complaints. While it is right to listen to complaints from customers, as we do every day, as a team, we think it is equally important to believe in the principle of balance and weighting that can only be achieved by mediating a customer’s opinion. In this case, many customers staying at this hotel. This is done by independent sites that collect customer comments and ratings and establish hotel rankings. The most popular of these sites rates this hotel 4.0 “Very Good” with a score of 4 out of 5 for cleanliness, service and value for money and 4.5 for location. Of the 250 comments left by customers – who have the same rights as those featured in your magazine today – 110 rate it as excellent, 68 as very good, 28 as average, 14 as poor and 35 as poor. We hope that we have provided you with additional elements to better understand the situation, and that your editorial staff will be able to incorporate our observations to provide your regular information service in full and depth. We remain at your disposal for further clarifications or insights, and we cordially greet you ».

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