Rebellion of Priests and Pacifists Against the Minnity Speaker at the Conference on Peace and Immigration: “He is in Leonardo, he did the Libyan Memorandum: What has that got to do with it?”

As the conflict between erupted Russia And UkraineTo do Florence The Bishops EI Mayors Of Mediterranean Talk about Peace, Environment And Displacements. The Prime Minister opened the summit Mario TracyIn Santa Maria Novella, in front of the Diocesan Bishops, in the presence of the head of state, with the planned decision on Sunday, as seen by Marie Nostrum Sergio MatterellaIn its first release after re-election, and Pope Francisco. It’s a dual international forum, much of it Sixty bishops, Ancestors And Deans And several mayors from three different continents at the crossroads of civilizations and religions called the Mediterranean: “The Border of the Mediterranean Peace” is the title of one of the two forums. The head of the CEI explained Gualdero PacettiPresenting the Florentine event: “Il Mediterranean Is big Lake Tiberius Belonging to the Abrahamic family. I hope this will be a sign of peace, especially in a dramatic environment we are experiencing. It is true that Ukraine is not directly in the Mediterranean, but it is throughout Black Sea; And La Byra Said up Urals It’s all Mediterranean, because it covers three continents and more than twenty countries. ” Spring sunlight on an armored Florence: drones, sharpshooters and Piazza Santa Croce, Pope will speak Sunday, no entry. The mayor is proud Tario Nordella: “All eyes of the world are on Florence who is called to live epochs”.

The mayor’s enthusiasm, however, waned Minnity case. In the presence of the former Home Minister as a member of the Science Committee, as well Speaker Not appreciated by the delegates of the conference, the Catholic and the peace world. They put in a statement Minnity charged Because, “he served as home minister Italy-Libya Memorandum Advertiser The application has been submitted since February 2, 2017 Libyan concentration camps About 82 thousand people – including men, women and children – are assigned to them Detention SpontaneousAt TortureTo do Treatments Terrible, Inhumane and degrading, rape and sexual violence, forced labor and murder. How can he talk about migration? ”. Among the signatories were priests Alessandro Santoro Of Piaget, Massimo Biancolony Off Vicobaro, Don Andrea BicaliRegional Coordinator Free, Mimmo Logan, Tomaso Montanary And several Tuscan associations. Extreme dissatisfaction in the Florentine Catholic world. From the Abbot of San Minyado Father Bernardo GianniElected in 2019 to preach Spiritual Exercises of Lent To the Pope, a Don Giovanni MartiniResponsible for immigrants and parish priests Santa Maria Al Pignon. Criticism too Massimo TochiFormer Regional Councilor, friend Roman ProdiThat’s it New cityFocolorini’s magazine writes: “Memory of La Pierre The intelligent relationship with can not be taintedArms industry In Italy, with Medicine or FoundationFoundation Leonardo (Formerly Finmeccanica, one of the leading arms manufacturers, Ed). ”And precisely the Chairman of the Trust, Minnity. By appointment Organizing Committee MediterraneanParticipating in, among other things, Cecilia Street.

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Nardella criticizes protesters in the square when one of her councilors is a Catholic Alexander Martini, The finger raises the prevailing story. In front of the Florentine forum where mayors and bishops gather – the moon -, protesters look at the finger. But the finger is about Weapons And maybe it’s not inappropriate At a conference dedicated to peace And organized in memory of La Pierre. And called together the so-called Holy Mayor seventy years ago Fools of GodFrom Father Ernesto Balducci To do Don Lorenzo MilaniToday other “madmen” appear on the shores of Arno Labyrinth Moon of Peace Among the people of the Mediterranean.

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