Resurrection Project in Three Moves-

From Giuseppe Sarcina

On the anniversary of the attack, President Trump has claimed responsibility and plans to return. Poll: If you vote today, Donald will defeat his rival

From our correspondent

Washington –
Joe Biden is coming up with an even more declining consensus for the Capitol Hill anniversary. According to a recent survey conducted cnbc, The approval rate at the end of the year was 44%, up from 46% in September and 51% last April. We have fallen as never before as a president begins his second year in office. Only Donald Trump, decimal addition, decimal minus, traveled in these percentages.

This trend has been worrying for several weeks now Big names of the Democrats. If you had voted today, Report the site True clear politics, Trump will be ahead of Pita (45.2% vs. 41.2%). We need a shock, a change of pace. White House advisers think the ceremony planned for Congress today could provide an opportunity. Biden will speak this morning, while his spokesman Jen Zaki will tell the truth about what happened to the president, not the lies spread by anyone since then, as well as endangering the rule of law and our democracy. System. As you can see, Psaki did not provoke Trump. But according to many progressive parliamentarians, not just the left, this is exactly the point. It is unthinkable that by ignoring him Donald could be prevented from returning to power..

Biden, according to the previews, will satisfy them, Without mentioning the name of his predecessor, blamed him for the riots. Let’s see in what words the President of the White House will express himself. It is often speculated that he will resume the results of the impeachment proceedings that Trump saved by the vote of Republican senators. Moreover, Biden can express his full support for the work of the Parliamentary Commission on January 6, which was established by Speaker Nancy Pelosi and was formally ignored by the Trumpians.

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We must always keep in mind that riots They did Five people died, A policeman and four protesters and several others have been charged, for which more than 700 have already been charged. Docher, therefore, to the Judiciary to ascertain whether there are conditions for that Prosecute Trump as well, Execution of Federal Judges.

The current president, on the other hand, should expect a return At the political level. Despite the experience of recent months and, above all, the trend of opinion polls, Biden has worked hard. The country could not be reunitedAs he promised in his inaugural address on January 20, 2021, what will be the strategy for this decisive year? We are voting in the midterm elections on November 1, and the Democrats are in danger of losing a majority in the Senate and perhaps in the House. There will be three moves under consideration by the White House.

First: minimizing consensus possibilities For Republicans, and from Trump’s point of view, as everything suggests, he should run in the primary and then presidential elections. The goal is to hang the central area selected by Biden in 2020, and it could return to the competition in three years. It is therefore necessary to put the maneuver of social spending, education and energy change back on its feet and restart government action. Which means Start a conversation with West Virginia Senator Joe Mansin soon It dropped a version of the measurement worth about two billion before Christmas. As Trump continues to say, Biden is ready to cut the initial plan to prove with facts that he is not a bankrupt leader and that he deserves such a harsh verdict from public opinion in general.

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In parallel, this is the second point, The White House wants to push Congress to finally pass legislation to gain voting rights in the Republican-led states of Georgia and Arizona. Third: Consensus among minorities and the more powerful area cannot be lost by Pita. Here we try Kamala Harris wants to polish the image. Speaking in front of the Vice President today is not a coincidence. The intention should be a fresh start. The more Harris is exposed, the more voters know. Greater emphasis will be placed on reforms in which the Vice President is responsible: Immigration, standard police rules, gun control.

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