Russia-Ukraine war, direct against Germany for failure to stop oil – Zhelensky. Putin: “It is not possible to change our gas”

Use: “Do not take the nuclear threat lightly”

The United States did not take the opportunity Russia can be used Tactical nuclear weapons In Ukraine, considering the difficulties faced on the battlefield. CIA Director Bill Burns spoke to the Georgia Institute of Technology today, CNN reported. “Considering the potential frustration of the president Vladimir Putin And the Russian leadership – Burns said – considering the setbacks they have caused so far at the military level, none of us can take lightly the threat posed by tactical nuclear weapons or the potential use of low-capacity nuclear weapons.

US: “Towards new sanctions on Russia”

U.S. National Security Adviser, Jack SullivanHe expects the US to announce in the next few days New obstacles Against Russia in response to the invasion of Ukraine. When asked about this, White House Deputy Spokeswoman Kareen Jean-Pierre said, “These are actions.” Integration With US partners “.

Zhelensky: “Tough situation in the East and South”

L ‘Ukraine One faces New attack A. of Russia East And South. And the East Front is in a “very difficult situation.” Thus said the President Volodymyr Zhelensky “Our most powerful units are concentrated there,” he told the BBC. At the same time, the Ukrainian leader has renewed his call for more weapons for the West. “The United States, the United Kingdom, and some European countries have been trying to help. “But we need to keep it fast. The key word now.”

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US: “Expansion if Russia Obstructs Arms Exchange”

No effort Russia Is an impediment to exchange Weapons A trigger risks for UkraineIncrease. Thus said the National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan As reported by CNN. “The United States has not acted in Ukraine, but the Russians have attacked any part of the country Was bornWhere military equipment is assembled, it will lead to a call for Section 5 and completely change the game, ”he stressed.

Stop oil, Zhelensky against Germany

Severe attack Volodymyr Zhelensky For European countries that continue to buy Russian oil: They are “money Stained with blood Of other people ”, the Ukrainian president condemned in an interview with the BBC. Zelensky particularly questioned Germany And thisHungaryAccusing them of blocking efforts a Prohibition In energy sales, Russia is expected to earn more than $ 300 billion this year. “Some of our friends and associates now understand that now is a different time, it is no longer a matter of business and money, but a question of survival,” he added.

Putin: “New gas and oil pipelines from Siberia”

“We have to guarantee Construction New ones Oil pipes And Gas pipes From deposits Siberia Accelerates the implementation of “and” infrastructure projects in the West and East – railways, oil pipelines, ports – that will allow oil and gas supplies from the West to be diverted to promising markets in the South and East over the next few years. Thus said the Russian President Vladimir PutinAs quoted by Tass, it is necessary to “prepare a plan for expanding export infrastructure to Africa, Latin America and Asia-Pacific in collaboration with oil and gas companies” in the future.

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Kiev parliament: “Russian action genocide”

The Parliament Kiev is like a bubble “A genocide” The actions of the Russian military in Ukraine, using the same definition used by US President Joe Biden.

Fourth exchange of prisoners between Russia and Ukraine

Held today The fourth exchange Prisoners in between Russia And Ukraine. They have been released 22 Army And 8 civilians. “Another fourth transfer of prisoners of war took place today on the orders of President Zhelensky. Five officers and 17 soldiers were exchanged,” Deputy Prime Minister Irina Vareshchuk told her Telegram channel, quoting UNIAN.

“Like Mariupol you drink ice, babies die”

“TO Like Mariupol The Corridors Humanitarians almost Non-existent, Because the Russian military did not inform the people detained in the shelters. The only way out is to go to the Crimea or Russia, where some at the border say they have been humiliated and forced to stand naked in front of soldiers. There is no food in the city, they continue Looting Many in the shops were forced to drink Ice water. The first to die Children Small, hungry “. These are some statements Refugees Mariupol – who arrived in Dinibro a week ago – told an ANSA reporter at the reception center in Dinibro.

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