Russia-Ukraine war, Serbia receives air defense missiles from China. Beijing: “Bilateral cooperation plans”

Of Serbia Alexander VusicBest friend and admirer Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping and Victor Orban, Pressure is mounting on Russia to refuse to join Western sanctions. These days he received from China A sophisticated system Missile Air defense. The press release for the weekend has been confirmed by the government today Beijing, Hastened to talk about this military distribution in Ukraine on the basis of ordinary bilateral “cooperation plans” “have nothing to do with the current situation”. But the arrival of Chinese missiles – an operation defined by the media as “secret” – has raised a number of concerns among Western officials.

Serbia, Moscow’s main ally in the region, is the only major European supplier Weapons From Russia And China, With two giants interested in increasing their investments in the Serbian economy and other countries in the region. As part of the ‘Silk Road’ project and as a project to penetrate the economic structure of Europe, China Xi Jinping It has been making huge investments in Serbia, especially in the industrial, mining and metallurgical sectors and in the infrastructure sector, especially in the high-speed rail project between Belgrade and Budapest.

Most of the weapons supplied to the Serbian army come from Russia: tanks, armored vehicles, helicopters, sight systems. Russia and Belarus have made donations in recent months Belgrade Used six and four MiG-29 fighter jets, respectively, with the Balkans strengthening its air defense equipment and the Chinese missile system contributing to its further development. May have been aware of growing Western concerns, but to address possible difficulties in the supply of international sanctions to Russia, President Vusic announced his intention to buy over the weekend. Ruffle, a French warrior And Turkish drones. In the last few hours, the Croatian Foreign Minister Gordon Kirlick RodmanOn the side of the EU minister in Luxembourg, he once again defined Belgrade’s behavior as “unstable” and his refusal to align its foreign policy with the EU by adhering to sanctions against Moscow.

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