Samsung’s next foldable flagship is allegedly leaking

Samsung’s expected 2022 flagship foldable phone – Galaxy Z Fold 4 – may have just leaked in unofficial renders Posted by Smart Brixbased on information from Reliable Often Onleaks. The Galaxy Z Fold 4 shows an overall design similar to its predecessor, and fold Z 3, With a 6.2-inch hood and 7.6-inch foldable interior, but with a redesigned rear camera configuration inspired by this year Galaxy S22 Ultra.

It is said that this in-display will once again have a selfie camera under the display, a feature that dashed our hopes on last year’s device. This year’s release reportedly saw much-needed performance improvements. On the back there are three rear cameras, like last year, but Smart Brix It does not provide any details of the specifications that could be.

There is no indication that there is a slot built into the S-Pen, which electricity Previously mentioned Will come to folding this year. The Z Fold 3 offered S-Pen support, but there was no built-in slot to store it — instead, customers had to purchase a phone case to house it. electricityThe Z Fold 4 report also claims that the screen dimensions of the Z Fold 4 will be slightly different from last year, with an internal screen that is a fraction of an inch larger, and an external display that is a fraction of an inch smaller.

There is no official word on when the Z Fold 4 will be announced, but Smart Brix Reports We could see an announcement in August or September. For reference, the Z Fold 3 was last year Launched in early August.

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