School massacre in Texas, police: “The killer shot at least a hundred”

“Do not make wrong decisions in the classroom”

“Wrong decision”: This is how McGrath defined the police decision not to break down the door of the classroom where the killer shot the students. The commander, who decided not to enter the classroom, said “no children are in danger,” the Texas police chief said. “Apparently he was wrong,” Colonel McGrath added. When asked if the parents of the victimized young women thought they should apologize, he replied: “If I think I can help them, I apologize.”

Armed lobby: “Eliminating the right to self-defense is not the solution”

– “All NRA members mourn the death of a criminal monster who caused untold pain.” Wayne LaPierre, CEO of the National Rifle Association (an organization that works for gun owners in the United States), made the remarks at the opening of a conference in Houston commemorating the Wolde massacre.

“The abolition of the Second Amendment is not the answer, but Biden’s gun control plans restricting basic human rights for American defense,” Lobier added. “Removing the right to self-defense is not the solution,” he reiterated. “The federal government cannot legislate against evil,” he said.

Trump: “The backbone of American society”

– “I’m proud to be here with the NRA’s best patriots”. So was Donald Trump at the gun lobby conference. The former president was greeted with cheers and long applause. “I’m not cheating on you like anyone else, I’m here,” he said, referring to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, who sent the video message. “You are the backbone of our community,” Trump added, recalling “the brutal assassination of Wolde.” The former president read out the names of the victims and then added:

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“We send billions to Ukraine, but we do not protect schools”


Texas Governor: “I’m Angry”

– Abbott, meanwhile, said he was “wrong” when he first received information about what happened in the Elementary School theater and was “completely outraged”. The Republican governor of Texas has called on investigators to shed full light on police work after delays and “bad” results in intervention to stop the killer emerged.

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