Scotty Barnes of the Raptors wins the 2021-22 NBA Rookie بجائزة

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Scotty Barnes won the 2021-22 NBA Rookie of the Year award, League announced Saturday. 4th pick won overall in the 2021 draft Cleveland Cavaliers No. 3 year selection Evan Mobley And Detroit Pistons #1 overall Kid Cunningham For the honor. The Florida State producer is the third Raptor to win the award after Damon Stodamier did so in 1996 and was followed by Vince Carter in 1999.

The race between Barnes, Mobley and Cunningham was one of the fiercest of the entire season. Barnes finished first with 48 votes, Mobley came second with 43 votes, and Cunningham had nine votes.

Mobley, who helped lead the Cavaliers’ surprising hot start, took the lead in the general consensus. He emerged as an early general defense candidate playing alongside Garrett Allen On the front field of Cleveland, most books have linked him as a fierce mid-season favorite.

Prior to Game 4, the Rookie of the Year winner received his trophy:

But both Barnes and Cunningham came in strong as the season progressed. Cunningham, after a very slow statistic start, was finally able to show his potential as a long-term superstar in helping the Pistons finish the season well. The star potential in Barnes has been visible all along, but like wild birds Ascending the rankings and eventually finishing fifth, voters began to reconsider his candidacy.

Statistically speaking, both Barnes and Mobley had their advantages. Their scoring was relatively even, with Mobley averaging 15 points per game and Barnes coming in just before that. Mobley was the best at reshoots (8.3 per game) and blocker (1.7), while Barnes led the way in assists (3.5) and steals (1.1). Their shooting efficiency was also fairly close, but Barnes played nearly another 300 minutes.

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In the end, Barnes was able to convince voters towards the end of the season that it was the right choice. He will take the trophy, but the rivalry between him and Mobley and Cunningham will surely be among the main events of the Eastern Conference over the next several years.

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