“Shoot foolishly. Putin’s accusation is untrue” – Liberto Cotidiano

Self Vladimir Putin “He miscalculated” because he expected “the surrender of the Ukrainian government at the mere sight of the Kremlin tanks” and “it was not so”. Joe Biden Formerly a war criminal. “Shoot the nonsense“Above all, he asks himself Massimo Cassier In an interview Courier della sera, “How can Putin get there before the international tribunal in The Hague? Or because he’s there Plot In Moscow, it is clear that someone is throwing him out, and at this point whoever throws him out is handing him over to the International Court of Justice; Or, as it happened Milosevic, There Born bombs Moscow She catches him and takes him to the bar, as he did with Belgrade. We talk about things Really out. The courts that attempt crimes against humanity are only the courts of the victors.

Not only that, but the philosopher still wonders: “How long can Russia resist? Obstacles Is it a lot of weight? All that remains at this point is a desire Political change of direction From Moscow. “This certainly will not happen by Jarin’s will.” If he has not yet changed his mind, I doubt he will do so tomorrow. “ Hitler. “It’s a Total nonsense Putin should think like Hitler and Russia like Germany. I refuse to think even for a second about the answer to a question that has no historical sense. In fact, all common sense “.

So the cashier is a jab a Carlo Fresero Than the skeptic and prevention committee member who is also a member of the philosopher. He likened Mariupol’s pictures to a myth: “I do not agree with this and other things Fressero said. The Dubre Committee is not a party. Everyone can say what he wants, and I can freely label. Nonsense That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. ”

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