So the war on the troops begins –

There are also those who do not believe the tones that Putin used in his speech at the rally: it could be an outburst towards NATO.

There War A furious marathon, done Successes and setbacks are not guaranteed: At least in this long phase, by changing goals Vladimir Putin. His troops are in a uniquely favorable position in the Chevroletonetsk field. Despite the loss, They forced the Ukrainian device to destroy the levels. If the drive continues and closes, there is a risk that a few thousand players will be rounded up. A maneuver to respond to the predictions of the assumptions A trick through the steps: Slow, expensive, but going in one direction. The Ukrainians deny any progress, saying the reinforcements have arrived. It is predictable whether the neo-Jar will achieve minimum or maximum success: He wanted the heads of Kiev and Zhelensky, but was forced to focus Donbass With alternative results. The front and back maps reveal this (In the photo above, March 1 and May 8)

The invaders had to leave the villages in the Kharkiv region. It was said that within a week or two the guards could destroy the quartet and replant the flags at the national borders, threatening the supply route. However, the army would have amassed 19 battalions On the back of the Belgorod. In theory there are about 700-1,000 men for each of them, they are not known for their conditions (quality, product): this is a doubt about the existence of resistance. Two fires – Severodonetsk and Kharkiv – could hit each other And of course condition of the choice of commanders. As well as the war in the south of the Isis, destroyed bridges and pontoons built over the Donets River.

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Some details come from the Pentagon. Improvements Donbass They are slowed down because the infantry do not take risks and wait for the cannon to carry out its mission: there is mud in the fields to act as an obstacle and logistics are not always enough. Further, Some departments have refused to accept orders Some officials are delaying their implementation.

This is (independent) information reminiscent of Moscow’s weaknesses. Let’s summarize by the points. Not much use for large and long-term operations: interventions in Georgia and Syria involve only a small number. The maxi exercises conducted in the past years were not enough and only on paper they covered the complete fields. Corruption in positions, lack of deputy officers and experienced officersCentralism of hierarchies, especially catastrophic logistics. The intelligence has failed strategically – believing that a part of Ukraine would welcome themselves as liberators – and the tactician, did not inform the departments enough. The role of the aircraft is not very serious: The air weapon does not impose its dominance Although flights are plentiful: it depends on poor organization, little habit of interacting with other components, insufficient training. Commanders rely on themselves – always in the first instance – to do Outdated techniquesExposing columns to the traps of well-trained enemies.

For both sides, escorts, instructions, players and organization are calculated. To date, the Ukrainians have appeared very determined and ready. But how much has that effort affected them? A few days ago a senior official in Kiev admitted this: They have losses, but we’re not Superman. Bad news about their condition escapes censorship. During the campaign, Kiev claims to have destroyed about 25,000 enemies, while Moscow responded by killing nearly the same number. Thousands more vehicles were damaged.

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The opposition relies on related distributionsThe Kremlin’s deposit was still full of pieces and moles He was involved with 97 battalions (initially 120)Enough numbers Depreciation campaign. British intelligence insists: Russians have less and less accurate systems, field report reports Use of old bombs by militants. For bullets they fall off anyway and open up empty. And the Navy, despite the victim The Moscow flag slapped on the sunken face, Continues to launch cruise missiles. Recent data confirm the existence of 6 ships and two submarines with these long-distance systems. However, insisting on describing the problems of the Russians cannot turn out to be an understatement of the military.Otherwise it would fall into the same mistake that Russia made.

President of the Kremlin Public mobilization is excluded for nowHowever, it can still try to combine departments. And there are those who do not believe The tones used in the speech in the parade: This could be a deviation move towards NATO Those in the West believe that Putin only reacted to the provocations.

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