The balance is hard, while the votes fell —

From Giuseppe Sarcina

He said the United States should be reunited, but now it is in trouble. More polls are punishing him. The first twelve months are viewed through four lenses: economics, health, representation and diplomacy.

From our correspondent in Washington

On January 20, 2021, In the inaugural address, Joe Biden was the first to quote Abraham Lincoln: Today we too must reunite the United States to unite our nation. Then he remembered what his mother had told him, even more simply: if there is a moment, put yourself in the shoes of others. This year, the president was unable to reach a broad consensus: From the Epidemic to the Right to Vote Reform. Its approval rate only 42.4% And the country is still severely divided.

Economy, two barriers

Joe Biden The president who distributed the most public spending and investment in a year Among its predecessors: About $ 3 trillion. His current deal is worth $ 793 billion more than Donald Trump (2,400 billion), Barack Obama (830) and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. But despite this, The economic plan did not give the expected impetus For the popularity of management. The most important area is still missing: social assistance, education, energy change. The so-called Built Back Better Plan, Blocked so far Senator Joe Mancin. An ambitious maneuver to mark the turning point promised by BidenReduction of inequality; Financial restructuring with higher taxes on income over $ 400,000 per year; Sustainable development in line with international obligations related to climate change. The president has already resumed talks with Mansin, and if an agreement is reached, he should reduce his aspirations. At least there is another complication: Swelling. In the fall, the White House underestimated the rise in petrol and food prices, relying on the Federal Reserve.

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Health, timely notification

Joe Biden overcame the infection by starting again The federal government achieved the best results in 2020, Though The ridiculous attitude of Donald Trump Towards scientists. The new president immediately relied on vaccines developed by Pfizer and Moderna and launched mass immunizations. At first the campaign picked up speed. Biden pointed to July 4, National Independence Day Day of liberation from Govt-19. Excessive optimism and perhaps even political error. The management’s efforts then clashed Philipster in almost every South and Midwest state, Led by Republicans. Above all two examples: Greg Abbott e Ron Disantis, The governors of Texas and Florida did not even take the minimum precautionary measures. At that point, the Washington government began to stagnate. Biden came to propose Give $ 100 to those who are vaccinated. In the end Omigron variant Has further complicated the plans. Conclusion: No wall or wall of reluctance seems insurmountable. Today The percentage of the total vaccinated population in the United States is 63%, 73.3% against the European Union and 74.3% against Italy.

The struggle for the right to vote

For at least 10 months Joe Biden pressed Democratic senators to oust Philippester, Philipster to the bitter end Used by Republicans to block any reform proposed by the White House. It will take the votes of all 50 Democratic senators, but there is no way to believe it Joe Mancin e Kristen Cinema. Republican Philippester is going to disable key voting laws. Since the defeat of Donald Trump in 2020, 19 Republican-led states have passed legislation to regulate voting. Some restrictions are in line with European standards: Ask for identification documents from all voters. Others are just ridiculous. In Georgia, for example, it is forbidden to bring food or drink to those queuing at polling stations. The basic purpose of all these laws is to restrict early voting The By correspondence: Two methods adopted by Democrats to mobilize African Americans and Latin communities. Last spring, the Democrats introduced two bills to protect postal votes and, above all, to reduce the discretion of individual states in ballot verification and certification. However, now they are in danger of being destroyed.

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Diplomacy between G, Putin and Afghanistan

Biden theory in foreign policy Depending on the challenge of the century with China. The president, who has raised many expectations in the international community, has presented himself as the leader of the world’s democracies. Then came the first disappointments. Biden clarified it in January-February The United States has not even given a single dose of the vaccine abroad: First Americans. In May, the administration failed to stop Benjamin Netanyahu’s attack on the Gaza Strip; Biden promised to help the Cubans in the uprising in July, but no significant efforts followed. In the end Urgent and catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan Must meet August. Those pictures of Kabul Airport will be remembered; Those who fell off the ball from the plane that escaped. At some point, in practice, it was inevitable to think that. Trump’s America is no different from First Piton. Towards the end of the year, we saw a change in pace. The White House has closed the trade dispute with the EU and has most formally resumed consultations with allies. First in Iran, then in Ukraine. The crisis between Kiev and Moscow will be an important test for Biden, Engaged in insidious conversation with Vladimir Putin.

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