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The Ukrainian opposition is giving Russia a hard time. After the withdrawal of the army Vladimir Putin Returned to the Ukrainians from Kiev and many other cities, the army could almost sing victory. In a video re-posted on the Twitter channel ТРУХА, You see a soldier Volodymyr Zhelkensky Parade dance. To join the concept: “Here is the best way to march towards success”.

Dancing on the battlefield, singing a song, “Glory to Ukraine, Death to the enemy “. Heroic acts were also performed by the civilians during this long conflict. In particular, the heroine of the protest of a Ukrainian woman. At least in the net.

Some time ago, in fact, a video was shot on Twitter showing an elderly woman facing the Red Army. “Who are you? What are you doing here? – he asks a Russian soldier patrolling the streets in the Cherson area – you are occupied, you are fascists”. Then he “gives him” some sunflower seeds: “Take these sunflower seeds and keep them in your pocket so the flowers They grow when you die“Like you, many more have a spokesman at the wheel in Moscow, whose predictions had to be reconsidered: in the end, the war will not be as lightning as the Tsar expected.

Ukrainian soldiers attend Orthodox Easter meeting.  Controversy with Grill

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