The new cool featherweight mouse lets you choose the shape of the side buttons

Zoom / Glorious Mouse first model.

On Wednesday, PC peripheral maker Glorious released a lightweight mouse with a magnetic trick up its sleeve.

Players and operators alike can benefit from a wide range of customizable buttons Glorious Mouse “First Form”. With Glorious software, you can program the mouse’s nine buttons to perform a variety of tasks, including macros and keyboard inputs. But the company is taking customization even further by making two of the mouse’s four side buttons magnetically detachable.

The upper right and lower buttons are interchangeable.
Zoom / The upper right and lower buttons are interchangeable.

according to Blog post From Glorious this week, the two buttons use a hook and hole system for alignment, and you can peel them off your mouse with your fingernail or a “plastic tool.” Once you remove the buttons, you can swap them for ones with different shapes. In addition to the button covers on the mouse, the Model I comes with two different button covers for each of the replaceable buttons. You can also get rid of any of the side buttons by covering them with the included flat port covers. As someone who struggles to avoid accidentally pressing the side buttons, I can see this helpful.

Glorious sells a Replacement group of button covers for $8.

The six-button interchangeable set will only work with the Model I.
Zoom / The six-button interchangeable set will only work with the Model I.

Glorious also encourages a little DIY experimentation with the first model. The company says it will release 3D files for the side buttons so makers can print their own shapes, and notes that this type of modification won’t void a two-year warranty on the peripherals.

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The mouse comes in black or white.
Zoom / The mouse comes in black or white.

The Glorious Model I continues the company’s history of using honeycomb cutouts to produce a mouse that weighs just 0.15 lb ± 0.01 oz (69 g ± 2.5 g).

Like other gaming peripheral companies, Glorious says a lightweight mouse can help gamers perform PC games, as a lighter mouse can be easier to move around. A perforated mouse made of lightweight plastic might look cheap, but Glorious uses a matte (rather than glossy) finish to try and make the mouse feel more distinct.

You can change or turn off 3-zone RGB without software.
Zoom / You can change or turn off 3-zone RGB without software.

The first model is 31.8-40 percent lighter than the wireless model Logitech Signature M650 (0.22 or 0.25 lbs., depending on size). However, there are lighter mice like Majid ‘0.13 lb (58 g) Model O or Cooler Master 0.11 lb (50 g) MM720.

Inside the first model there is a special optical sensor with a DPI range of 100-19000. The impressive BAMF sensor also supports a maximum tracking speed of 400 IPS and a maximum acceleration of 50g (see computer mouse terms guide to explain these terms).

The 6.5ft braided cable is replaceable, and opening the mouse to change it will not void the warranty.

The first model was launched on Monday for members of the Glorious loyalty program, and the mouse is now available to the general public for $60.

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