The Russian “butcher” who led the assassination of Mariupol is General

Off Andrea Nicastro

Mikhail Mijintsev was held responsible for the barbaric attack on the city of Mariupol: he was involved in the most violent wars from the Caucasus to Syria. He was confronted by Ukrainian Major Denis Prozypenko, one of the founders of the Azov Battalion.

Battle for Like Mariupol Barbara. It fights between unburied deaths, buildings reduced to skulls and civilians dying of hunger, thirst, cold and fear. There are still one lakh people in the ruins of the city, searching for food and shelter amidst the non-stop explosive bombs. Putin wants those ruins at any cost
. It can be so Reunite historian Donbass and unite Russia with Crimea. As did the Chechen capital Grozny.

To capture the city of Maria from the Ukrainians, he hired two men: the commander-in-chief of his army. Mikhail MijintsevAnd the boy who pacified Chechnya through mass murder and intimidation on his behalf, the president Ramzan Kadyrov.

Both leaders of the siege are at their disposal About 15,000 people and all the bombs and guns they want.

To defend what is left of the city, there are 3,000 soldiers instead, perhaps less. They still have artillery and some armored vehicles. They knew they could not surrender without passing weapons, that is, killed in cold blood. Because Mariupol’s 3,000 is a symbol of the Nazi danger that Putin is wielding in front of his public opinion. They are guided by an adult under the age of 40, Denise ProjipenkoCommander of the Azov Regiment.

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My boys report on the radio that Mariupol has taken over the town hall. Our flag flies over the municipality. In a message in the Telegram last night, Chechen Kadyrov said that was the reason for the victory. He did not go so far as to claim that the besieged city had fallen, and had his hands only on one of the most symbolic buildings. That radio suggests that he is there, not far away, leading the attack.

Medusa, a news site that has moved its headquarters out of Russia to continue announcing its independence free from Putin’s censorship, says it is a fraud. The photo of the municipality showing Kadiro is not in MariupolBut the satellite quarter on the left bank of the Kalmyas River has already been under Russian control for several days.

This was not the first bluff of the Chechen leader in the war. A few days ago, he said he was at war a few kilometers from Kiev and instead was quiet in the backyard of Chechnya, next to the tiger cages, where the enemy was parked.

Even without the Kadirovian stunt, Mariupol can not last long. According to the Ukrainian Secret Service The siege was overseen by Mijintsev.

For 10 years, General has been in charge of the National Security Command Center at all hot points of Putin’s restructuring, from the Caucasus to Syria. On paper, the highest official in office for a particular conflict area, but the importance of the siege for the success of the Russian special operation justifies the direct involvement of the Armed Forces number two.

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Therefore, Mijintsev, from Moscow, ordered the tightening of siege conditions on civil infrastructure (electricity, gas, heating, telecommunications), gradually increasing the force and the number of air strikes, he ordered. Bombing of public dormitories (gynecological hospital, theater, art school and numerous apartment buildings). He must now crush the opposition of Major Projipenko’s group.

Ukrainian social media was revived with good reason for the siege of Mariupol The story of David against Goliath, the story of some against many. David, in this case, is the hero of Ukraine and already legend Denis Prozypenko and butcher Goliath Mijintsev. Three years ago, a new Zhelensky president had to bend his neck back to face him before adorning the giant Prozypenko.

His men and the 36th Ukrainian Marine Regiment are still able to slow down the attack. Yesterday his Azov regiment destroyed four Russian armored vehicles and captured prisoners. Suspicion of neo-Nazism on Projipenko. The Ukrainian government claims to have cleaned up far-right elements since Azov joined the National Guard. However, in the current situation, little fit. Three thousand people are trapped and no one can avoid their massacre.

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