Tyson Fury vows to quit professional boxing and calls himself ‘The Best’

The 33-year-old knocked out his opponent in the sixth round with a devastating blow before repeating a promise he made to his wife Paris to stay away from the sport.

“I have to be a man to keep my word, and I think this might be the last curtain for the Gypsy King, and what a way out,” he said during his interview after the fight in the ring.

Fury said he promised his wife to retire after winning his triple battle Deontay Wilder Last year but the WBC Heavyweight Champion chose to defend his title against Wyatt in front of a record crowd at Wembley.

However, Fury promoter Frank Warren said he would support his fighter’s decision if he decided to walk away this time.

“If it’s the last fight, it will be the last,” Warren said. “That’s his decision, it’s the man in the ring. And if this is his last fight, he fought this fight hard.” in the Saturday Arena.

If it’s Fury’s last fight, then what a way out.

The champion, who took his unbeaten record to 32 wins and a draw, controlled the opening bell and enjoyed the fantastic atmosphere the crowd produced at Wembley.

Saturday’s right-handed final was a beauty-destroying thing, confirming that Fury is still a boxer at the top of his game.

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Many fans would like to see Fury go on to unite the heavyweight division, but that will include fighting Oleksandr Usyk’s rematch winner against Anthony Joshua.

Usky currently holds the WBA, WBO, IBF, and IBO belts after defeating Joshua last year and Fury’s wife has hinted that this might be the only fight to get her husband back in the ring.

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“I would like him to come out now. He has nothing else to prove,” Paris told BT Sport on Saturday.

“If he had anything to do, I would say ‘Yes Tyson, you do.’ But he has no proof.

“So unless he really wants to be late, and if he’s just doing it for any money or fame, he doesn’t need to. He’s the most famous man on the planet tonight.”

“For Tyson to continue boxing, it seems for one reason and I know in my heart, I think the only reason for Tyson to come back is for a unification fight.”

Fury's reaction to Wyatt's hit on Saturday.

Fury’s career has been extreme. He won some of the biggest fights of the past decade but struggled hard with his mental health and said he had suicidal tendencies before making an epic return to the sport in 2018.

However, there is no doubt that he is the greatest heavyweight to ever fight, and he certainly has a body of work to back up such a bold claim.

“I’m a legend in this game, you can’t deny it. I’m the best heavyweight ever. There was no one who could beat me,” he told reporters at his post-match press conference. .

While this might be the last time we’ll see Fury competing professionally, he hasn’t ruled out future show fights and has been flirting with the possibility of wrestling.

After all, Fury is an artist and there will always be an appetite to see him perform.

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