Ukraine, Biden: “I firmly believe that Putin has decided to invade”. Moscow: “Fake news that makes you laugh”. Donetsk and Lukansk separatist leaders order evacuation: 22km border

There The crisis in Ukraine In recent weeks world public opinion has continued at a known pace: leaks and denials, toxic communications and announcements of talks and meetings, propaganda and counter-information, diplomatic work and the first tensions of the “war of war” inside. Donbass, An area already under Russian influence for 8 years. Friday continued at this pace and ended with the intervention of the US President Joe Biden From White House: In the last few days he has already repeated what he has said many times: “I firmly believe Vladimir Putin Decided to invade. The US president has not changed his mind, although the maneuvers of the Russian armed forces have apparently thinned out in recent days. Moscow, Biden reiterates, is trying to provoke Ukraine and create “false justifications” for the war against. Kiev. “It would not be wise,” he told the Ukrainian president. Volomydyr Zelensky Leave the country now. Before speaking, Biden held a 45 – minute dialogue with European allies “to discuss strengthening the Russian military in and around Ukraine: we acknowledge our support for Ukraine, and we are prepared to continue our diplomatic efforts. Rationalism ends like in recent times: for diplomacy “it is never too late”.

And indeed the news on February 23 by the Secretary of State Anthony Blingen He will meet with the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. “Until the Russians invade Ukraine” is the White House’s line of communication. The hypothesis of the invasion was defined by Lavrov “Fake news that makes you laugh”. “Anyone more or less interested in foreign policy – this is it,” he added Nothing but propaganda. Those who wrote these false stories must believe what they say. They like it, it doesn’t matter if they are happy. Yet he is the President of Russia Vladimir Putin Through a spokesman – one has to admit that “what is happening” in eastern Ukraine is “very worrying and very dangerous”. “The situation is deteriorating,” the Kremlin said, adding that Westerners believed it was “an excuse” to impose sanctions on Moscow without responding to its demands for European security, which Berlin rejected.The Cold War demands“.

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During the day, the talks were pushed towards intensity. Russian Defense Minister, Sergei ShoikuAnd US Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, Spoke on the phone. Among others, Biden asked the Italian prime minister. Mario Tracy, During which both leaders “reaffirmed their commitment to Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity” and are prepared to impose “severe economic costs in the event of a Russian invasion”. Berlin warns: “Military occupation – German Foreign Minister announces Annalena Barbach – It could have been Massive consequences for Russia, Finance, politics and economics. We are willing to pay a high economic price, even if it is Germany Nort Stream 2A virtual summit of G7 leaders will also be held on Thursday.

Donbass is like a powdered cake
What happens when diplomats talk to or try to do so in Ukrainian territory? The Donbass It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. In the east, in Occupied territories Come Russian-backed separatists, Triggered a warning, which led to an order to evacuate the public. The rebel leaders of the self-proclaimed republic encouraged the order by quashing the charges, i.e. blaming Kiev. Prepare for an invasion: “Today a massive and centralized exodus of the population to the Russian Federation has been arranged, and they must first be expelled. Women, children and the elderly“, He explained Denise Bushlin In the video posted on his account Telegraph. After this communication – according to the Russian news agency Tax – has created one Long tail Up to 22 kilometers On the border between Donetsk And Russia. The same order a Lugansk. Putin Ordered to pay a sum 10 thousand rubles (About 120 euros) per person to be evicted.

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But not only that. Self-proclaimed leaders of the People’s Republic Lugansk He made a plea ready for “all men.” To take up arms Because they are defending the separatist organization and accusing the Ukrainian military of being there Fired 30 times Against their territory “with pieces Cannon, motor and tanks“, He says again Tax. An explosion occurred in Luhansk on Friday evening, causing a fire in the pipeline துருஷ்பா.

Exchange of car bomb and charges near government buildings in Donetsk
This is the second post recorded today. First, a car bomb exploded near a self-proclaimed government building People’s Republic of Donetsk And leader of the DPR militia, Denis Sinenkov. Kiev denied the “schedule” of attacks and the purpose of planning the attack. There are fears that a new bloodbath in these areas will soon erupt ConflictAfter that happened about 8 years ago 14 thousand people have been affected. But in this series of hole card games between the two sides, it was Blinken who once again spoke of Russia’s “false provocations” and branded the car bombing. “Wrong flag” function. Meanwhile, as he decided a few days ago WashingtonThe British Embassy in Ukraine will also temporarily relocate from Kiev Liv. For its part, the Ukrainian government denies any planned attacks in the secessionist regions: “We are fully and utterly committed. Diplomatic solution Of conflict “.

Movements of Russian troops – When near the border there Russia Announced a New recall of tanks Among those parked near the border in recent weeksUkraine The exercises should be carried out in the wake of the new crisis between the two countries. After deciding to move their algorithms, denied by Kiev And by its Western allies, United States First, the Kremlin The defense seems to want to send a new signal: “Another military train carrying personnel and equipment from the tank divisions of the Western Army District has returned to its permanent base,” the defense ministry said in a statement. At the same time, a spokesman for the Russian Navy announced Withdrawal of ten Su-24 bombs From Crimea. The teams and military vehicles arrived at permanent bases in the region, the ministry said in a statement. Nizhny Novgorod After completing the planned exercises “. According to Kiev, the number of Russian soldiers has reached the threshold 149 thousand. Russia has announced that this will be done on Saturday under the supervision of the President Vladimir PutinHis maneuvers “Strategic Forces”Especially with Launching ballistic and cruise missiles. However, from what has been learned, exercises will take place in the areas Western and Southern RussiaSo it is far from the front row.

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