Ukraine: If the government in Moscow and Kiev have long-range missiles, we will attack. In Zhelensky, Severdonetsk we oppose but the most powerful Russians – the world

London challenges Moscow Missile systems Kiev: Prime Minister Johnson has justified his election by pressure from Russian artillery. Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov’s immediate response: The more powerful the range of new weapons Kiev receives from the West, the more powerful the range of new weapons Kiev receives from the West, the farther it is from us. The borders of the Ukrainian territories will be attacked. Meanwhile, the minister is being forced Drop the visit to Serbia After many European countries closed the airspace for its aircraft. Rocket launchers sent to London Kiev have a range of 80 km. The Kremlin warns that the supply of new weapons is aimed at “escalating the conflict.”

Pavement for wheat, Turkey tries

There The war was unleashed From Moscow it is undermining the foundation of coexistence in the world, now peace, security and progress must be ensured, President Matterella underlines when meeting with the leaders of the Carabinieri. Russian Ambassador Rashov called on the Foreign Ministry. ‘We reject Allegations of immorality Companies and the media ‘, says Secretary-General of the External Affairs Ministry Sequei, who condemned the Italian occupation and the urgency of the agreement to lift the wheat embargo. But the ambassador insists, and attacks the ‘hostile media campaign’ and the ‘unacceptable statements of senior officials’.

Consequences of a missile attack on Kiev: Buildings destroyed

The war returns to Kiev
More than a month later, the war returns to Kiev: a Russian bombing of a factory in the eastern part of the Ukrainian capital. Moscow also threatens the Ukrainian capital, which was confirmed by the British in retaliation for sending rocket launchers over 80 km. If Ukraine is supplied with long-range rocket-propelled grenades, Russia could strike at Ukrainian infrastructure and Kiev government agencies: a warning issued by the head of the Security Council of the Russian lower house, the Duma.

Meanwhile, this is a coincidence Russian Foreign Minister’s visit canceled Lavrov In Serbia: “The unthinkable happened”: Lavrov commented on the decision of several European countries on a multi-European flight to abandon his planned trip to Serbia, Moscow’s “friend”. According to Serbian Interior Minister Aleksandar Vulin, those who blocked Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s visit to Belgrade “did not want peace and did not dream of Russia’s defeat.” “I’m very sorry that the visit of Serbia’s best and proven friend, the Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation, Sergei Lavrov, was blocked. It is not a world where diplomats can not seek peace. Those who prevented Sergei Lavrov’s visit do not want peace, they dream of Russia’s defeat,” she said. Said a Serbian politician known for his pro-Russian positions. The Interior Minister, quoted by the media, said he was proud that Serbia was not part of the anti-Russian frenzy, while at the same time giving existing nations time to be ashamed.

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Lavrov: ‘Closing a sovereign space is unthinkable’

In Ukraine the Ukrainians “oppose”, but the Russians “more and more powerful”. This was stated by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zhelensky Photographing the situation in Ukraine currently the main battle scene. The President of Ukraine visited the Lukansk battlefield yesterday and met with the troops and encouraged them.
“The number of bombings on Severdonetsk and Lysychansk has increased tenfold. In the Lugansk region there are many cities with a situation comparable to Mariupol: now the Russians are equalizing Severdonetsk and Lysychansk “: according to the Guardian, the head of the regional administration Sergei Kaitoy. Russian troops deployed heavy weapons such as the Iskander-M short-range hypersonic tactical ballistic missile systems on the territory of Belarus on the Ukrainian border.: According to the Kiev Independent News, this was announced by the public servants of Kiev. Russia has deployed anti-aircraft missile and anti-aircraft artillery systems, S-400 missile systems and operational and tactical aircraft on the border from the Bansir mid-range.

London-Moscow conflict
London also confirms that the rocket launchers sent by the UK to Kiev will go a distance of 80 km. The distribution of new weapons is aimed at “prolonging the conflict,” Putin says. The British government says it is reasonable to supply Ukraine with a number of long-range warship missile systems. Prime Minister Boris Johnson writes in a message that tonight the Tories will return home to challenge Vladimir Putin’s Russia, ignoring a vote of confidence in his leadership. “We – he tweets – can not deactivate Russia’s long-range artillery attack that will level cities and kill civilians. That is why the United Kingdom will donate a number of missile systems to the Ukrainian armed forces so that they can effectively prevent relentless occupation.” Of Moscow. The Russian Foreign Minister today called on the US media. “I talked to Boris Johnson. We talked about the situation on the front line. The new strengthened security support package for Ukraine has been confirmed. The question has been raised about the intensification of work on security guarantees. Russia is ready to further attack Ukrainian territory from its borders as the range of new weapons Kiev receives from the West is very powerful: Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said at an online press conference today. Toss reports. “President Vladimir Putin has already commented on the situation with the advent of new weapons. I can only add that the range of weapons you provide will be very large. We will move the border beyond that. The neo-Nazis will be considered a threat to the Russian Federation.

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Putin: ‘New weapons in Kiev extend war’

Italian project
The Biden administration supports the efforts of its allies and partners, including Italy, to end the war in Ukraine. A White House spokesman told ANSA how the US government views the Italian proposal on a four-point ceasefire in Ukraine and how to end the conflict through a negotiated agreement.

“I remember the war was instigated by Russia, the aggressor, and the victims are among the Ukrainian civilians who are being attacked. We will continue to work for peace and continue to work for diplomatic expansion, but for good. Peace will take two. Foreign Minister Luigi de Mayo said this recently in Naples.” Has made significant openings, but Russia continues to intensify bombing of the Donbass, “he added.” The matter continues to be told. I act as Minister of Foreign Affairs on the basis of a resolution passed in Parliament. De Mayo responded to those who asked him if the position expressed by the government did not contradict M5S leader Giuseppe, who was voted in by all parties in parliament, not just the majority, but some opposition parties. You. Secretary-General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Ettore Francesco Sequei, Hector Summoned to FurnaceinaOn the instructions of Minister Luigi de Mayo, along with Palazzo Chiki, Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Italy Sergei Rasov. Ambassador Sequei has categorically denied allegations of immorality by some representatives of Italian companies and the media, as revealed in recent reports by the Russian Foreign Ministry. Furnessina’s secretary general also rejected allegations that our country’s media was involved in the anti – Russian campaign. Sikwi renewed sentence on Rasov for unjustified attack on Ukraine by the Russian Federation. Sequi – reads a note – reiterated The Italian government hopes that a speedy negotiated settlement will be reached on an equal footing and respect for the principles of Ukrainian sovereignty and international law.. Finally, he stressed the importance of quickly defining the agreement to prevent the export of grain from Ukrainian ports in order to avoid serious consequences for global food security. The Russian ambassador to Rome, Sergey Razov, was summoned by Farnesina this morning, saying, “The focus has been on the sometimes unacceptable statements of Italian high-ranking officials against Russia and its leadership. In a bid to maintain long-term positive relations and cooperation, it called for a moderate and balanced approach to Italian foreign policy, the Russian embassy said in a statement.

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