Ukraine: Mariupol was waiting for her escape. Twenty civilian bodies were found on the street in Pucha – Mondo

Seven humanitarian corridors, including a new evacuation attempt Like Mariupol, In Ukraine today. “Nearly 40,000 people have already arrived Donestk or Russia. We know that parents are separated from their children. 17 children left the hospital and I do not know in what direction the parents were discharged to Zaporozhye, “said Mariupol Mayor Vadim Boychenko, according to a UNIAN report. Turkey is ready to provide ships to evacuate civilians and wounded from Mariupol. Anatolia reports. Ukraine’s adviser to the president, Oleksi Arrestovich, quoted the Guardian as saying on television that fierce wars were imminent in eastern and southern Ukraine. The bodies of at least 20 men in civilian clothes were found on a street புச்சா, A city northwest of Kiev liberated from Russian occupation. At Enerhodar in the Saporizhia region of southern Ukraine, Russian forces opened fire on a peaceful demonstration. This was reported by the Ukrainian state nuclear company Energoatom, quoted by Kyiv Independent, as saying that the Russians had arrested an unknown number of people who had resisted the occupation. In a video posted on social media, people are seen escaping from a crowd and smoke clouds rising as they hear gunshots. Ukrainian photojournalist found dead Maxim Levine, Missing 20 days in front row. Levine, 41, who was killed in two shootings, is the sixth journalist to be killed in Ukraine since the war began. His traveling companion and colleague of Maxim Law Photographer Oleksi ChernyshovOn the other hand, there is no news.

“Except for the victory, the Ukrainian people will not accept any decision,” he saidYes Zhelensky In an interview with Fox News. Reiterating that he would never give up Ukrainian territory, the President reiterated that, contrary to what had been announced in recent days, “it would be a mistake not to recognize Ukraine in NATO” because Kiev would “strengthen the alliance too much.” “We are not a weak state. We did not come forward to strengthen ourselves at the expense of NATO. We will not be extra, but a locomotive, “he promised in an interview with Fox News, in which he said:” No other decision can be accepted. If there is no success “.

Ukraine, Zhelensky: ‘More than 3,000 evacuated from Mariupol’

The Pentagon Announces another $ 300 million in military aid to Kiev, as well as sophisticated weapons such as laser-guided missiles and ‘comicase’ drones. According to the NYT, the United States will help replace Soviet-made tanks with the aim of strengthening Ukraine’s security in the Donbass. They will also provide gas masks and protective clothing. “If the long-range artillery and anti-ship systems promised by London to Kiev are handed over to Ukraine, they will become legitimate targets of Russian troops,” Russian Ambassador to the UK Andrei Kelin told Tass.

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