Ukraine, the latest news about the crisis. Stoltenberg (NATO): “More than 100,000 Russian troops on the border”

Tension is constantly building. Troops of the 150th Mechanized Infantry Division of the Southern Military District of Russia are on high alert. NATO: “We urge Moscow to reduce expansion immediately.” As diplomatic efforts intensify, Moscow has also organized a naval exercise in the north. Meanwhile, Washington has reiterated to Russia that Ukraine is free to choose its allies.

Tension develops In Ukraine And diplomatic efforts are intensifying. Troops of the 150th Mechanized Infantry Division of the Southern Military District of Russia, with more than a thousand soldiers, were placed on alert in the Rostov region. Deployment for training limits took place as part of the planned training, as announced by the District News Service. According to NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, Russia has “accumulated 100,000 troops on the border with Ukraine, and troops are arriving and there is considerable concentration in Belarus. We call for an immediate mitigation of Moscow.” NATO said it was “providing a diplomatic path” for Russia. Stoltenberg also urged NATO to call on Moscow and its allies to “reunite”. Council of Russia, because there are points where we can work together, “rich agenda”. But NATO “does not denigrate its policies, every country has the right to choose its allies and its path” (Special)

American letter to Moscow

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Ukraine, USA: 8,500 soldiers are on alert

Washington reminded Russia that Ukraine is free to choose its allies: US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, while talking about the letter sent to Moscow, points out some important issues. This document contains “concerns raised by the United States and its allies” and the US response is fully integrated with Ukraine and its allies. In a letter to Moscow, Blinken explained that “we are referring to the postures of the forces and the possibility of mutual transparency in Ukraine and measures to increase confidence in military exercises and maneuvers in Europe.” The letter also paves the way for talks on arms control, strategic missiles and nuclear weapons stationed in Europe. The United States “offers Russia a serious diplomatic path if it so desires.” Blingen said he was ready to talk to his Russian envoy, Sergei Lavrov, “in the next few days.”

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Russian exercises


Ukraine, Biden: “We can move troops soon”

Russia has said in a statement that the military will carry out extensive operations, including tactical exercises, on the Kadamovsky and Kuzminsky firing lines in the Rostov region. In addition, it was previously reported that more than 6,000 men from the southern military district were on high alert for training. The aircraft of the military district and the naval aircraft of the Black Sea Navy will be used again at the tactical airports in the Crimea, in the Krasnodar Territory, and in the Rostov and Volgograd region.

Exercises in the north

Meanwhile, the Moscow navy has ordered the departure of a naval force stationed north for training in the Barents Sea, part of the Arctic Ocean on the border between Russia and Finland. “A contingent of warships and support boats was stopped at Barents Sea for a maneuver involving the Arctic Expeditionary Force,” the military said in a statement. The Caspian Sea Plotila was also placed on alert.

Diplomatic efforts are intensifying

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War Russia Gas supply to Ukraine, Europe is in danger

Meanwhile, on the international front, the European Union has promised massive sanctions in the event of an attack on Moscow. US President Joe Biden has announced that he could consider personal sanctions against Russian President Vladimir Putin, and warned Belarus that helping Moscow occupy Ukraine would be a “definite” response. The Kiev government says an invasion threat is currently “non-existent,” but says it has eliminated the “criminal group” that was preparing for the attack with Russian support.

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Meeting between Italian companies and Putin, EU: “irrelevant”

Today’s online meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and representatives and managers of Italian companies has caused controversy. “We see with increasing concern about the situation on the borders of Ukraine in Europe and the United States, and as a result the discussion of new, tougher sanctions against Russia, the managers of key Italian companies, including public capital, are being held today, without the knowledge of Furnessina. The Kremlin spokesman Sergei Peskov immediately clarified that today’s meeting had “nothing to do with what is happening in Ukraine and sanctions against Russia,” but “legitimate in nature, not only with Italian entrepreneurs, but also with other large corporations.” The nations reiterated that the United States “is, in fact, extensively engaged in diplomacy with its allies and partners, including Italy.” If Russia invades Ukraine further, we are ready to unite and impose heavy costs on it. In particular, sources in Brussels point out that in the context of the situation, Russia is trying to intimidate Ukraine and undermine the security base in Europe.

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