Ukrainian, Italian militant killed in Donbass. Putin’s ad, gas ruble or ceasefire agreements – world

Italy sadly enters the death toll in the war in Ukraine under the name Eddie OngaroThe 46-year-old Venetian was killed by a hand grenade yesterday while fighting with separatist militants in Donbass.

In the meantime, they are starting again today Online talks between Russians and Ukrainians But relationships are provided Glowing From Putin’s order to pay for Russian gas in rubles. The Russian president has signed a presidential decree on the rules of the Russian natural gas trade, in exchange for money in rubles with so-called hostile nations, clearly saying, ‘Nobody sells us anything for free, we will not do it. Charity work .. This means – he added – contracts that do not pay for gas in rubles will be terminated. “According to the Kremlin, Western countries must open ruble accounts in Russian banks to pay for gas in rubles, which underscores the fact that this is a step towards Russia’s financial sovereignty. Moreover, Moscow bans European leaders from entering in response to sanctions against the country.

Putin: ‘If the ruble does not pay for gas, contracts will be terminated’

The energy bias that worries Germany and Italy above all else, and it makes European capitals talk about Putin’s “blackmail” ahead of the new round of talks with Kiev to determine a ceasefire. Phone call in the evening between the first Mario Tracy And the German Chancellor Olaf Scholes: The two leaders, Palazzo Siki explains, discussed sanctions against the Russian Federation and recent developments related to gas imports from Russia. Draghi and Scholz acknowledged the importance of maintaining a permit system against Russia, which is very effective. Draghi and Scholz agreed on the importance of maintaining an integrated approach at the European level.

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“We will in no way accept the payment of gas in currencies other than those specified in the agreements,” the French and German economic ministers reiterated during a joint press conference in Bruno. Le Myre And Robert Hebeck. Contracts that determine the quantities, prices and coins to be paid for goods. Changing only one of these stocks – as Westerners argue – is a violation. In Paris and Berlin, they promised, Russia would actually “prepare” for the event to stop the flow of gas to Europe and “coordinate” the energy shock caused by the Kremlin.

Putin’s order to pay Russian gas in rubles “was issued a few hours ago, we are still looking at the details, but I have to say two things. First: the agreements must be respected and there is no obligation to pay on existing agreements. We will not be threatened by MoscowThe EU Commissioner for Economic Affairs said Paulo Gentiloni, Speaks with CNN. “It’s an organization that avoids sanctions and threatens Europe, but does not allow anything in the agreements,” he added.

“Agreements are agreements and they are valid”. The White House spokesman said:To Kate Beddingfield At his press conference about the threats of Vladimir Putin, the ruble will be charged only gas. “German Chancellor Olaf Scholes was clear, and we agree with him,” he noted.

According to Beddingfield, the Pentagon has declared the invasion of Ukraine a “failure, a strategic disaster for Putin and Russia.” It is not clear what happened to the 60-kilometer Russian military contingent on the outskirts of Kiev. “We do not even know if it still exists at this time … they are not really doing their job,” said Pentagon spokesman John Kirby. “We want Ukraine’s sovereignty and borders to be respected by the end of February,” Kirby said as Moscow began its invasion.

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Meanwhile, Ukrainian officials say Russian forces have taken hostages as they left the Chernobyl plant on the ground. “After leaving the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, the Russian occupiers took with them members of the National Guard who had been held hostage since February 24,” he told Telegram, citing staff from the Ukrainian state-owned Energoatom power station.

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