“We will grow more than France and Germany. Ready for even heavier interventions »- Corriere.it

What is needed now more than ever is social and political unity. Uncertainty with polls at the gates could ease if Italy’s international credibility remains intact in the face of defining clouds on the horizon.. Mario Draghi at the press conference At the end of the last cabinet before the summer break, it’s no secret that autumn brings a series of challenges that make your wrists tremble: rising gas prices, the energy crisis, the cost of living creeping up at this rate of inflation, difficulties in purchasing goods, geopolitical uncertainty, The Taiwan Crisis It risks deteriorating as hopes of negotiations with Moscow are pinned on China, which has not helped with ceasefire plans in Ukraine.

Because of the legacy he leaves behind for Palazzo Sigi, it makes him thinkProjections for the third quarter are not so pessimistic This 17-billion-euro mandate comes despite a very difficult environment for businesses and households that intend to cut back. The scope of the interventions – in electricity bills, tax hikes and revaluation of pensions – assumed extraordinary meanings dictated by the urgency to decide on high cost-of-living savings and productive activities. Constitutional mandate is respected even in the individuality of an executive in current affairs.

The Prime Minister did not enter into the election controversy. In fact it holds up well. Grandfather Retirement responds to those who want to test his existence as a man in the service of institutions that did not get a clear majority in the polls. To clear up further doubts he says: At the end of CDM today I wished those who didn’t campaign a happy holiday and my best wishes to all those who have to, may wishes and dreams come true, I’m so close. they. Some political forces are inciting To Draghi’s diary. The equation sounds immediate, and for Draghi, it ties it to Italy’s international credibility and it should continue to have. He has no doubt that any government will honor the commitments made in Europe with the PNRR, as some countries have agreed to tax their citizens to ensure Italy has the resources.

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The schedule of funds allocated by Brussels is strict. The next administration must follow through on reforms that can no longer be postponed, such as taxation and competition, to avoid squandering growth not seen for twenty years in France and Germany. Of the 3.4% achieved in 2022, Confindustria forecasts certified 1%, up from 6.6% last year. Credit to the economic policy of this government and the ministry structure of the Treasury who worked tirelessly. A round of applause for department holder Daniel Franco, who sits next to him. This is a mandate that takes place without budgetary variances, as the dynamics of tax revenues, the effect of high levels of inflation, are higher than expected for a rapid redistribution of resources. A decree shared with social partners, Draghi pointed out, raised criticism from some unions and ultimately may have influenced intervention on the tax wedge more liberally than he entered the cabinet. Energy companies are ending up in the docks again this time. The first tranche of additional profits was much lower than expected. The 25% tax rate on excess profits has not yielded the expected revenue so far. Conflicts between government and society are just around the corner. However, he finds it intolerable that families and businesses are in dire straits, while there is a sector that evades the rules. He says he is ready for other, more heavy-handed interventions that will be necessary until the new government comes in.

It emerges from the clear, even Ita Airways matter: I don’t want to leave the document to the next government, rather the decision will come in a very short time, within ten days, it outlines the blueprint of the company’s privatization process. International credibility is the legacy he cares most about. In that mandate, he wants to mention that Europe (and the rest of the world) has a desire to attract investments from abroad in high-tech sectors such as semiconductors, which suffer from severe shortages. Not even a hint of the announcement that Intel wants to open factories is hidden. As they bring in employment, the rate has risen to more than 60%, the highest since 1977, though the chief signal is that he is not just hiding a portion indefinitely. Closure of displaced pressure induced by instability dictated by wheat scarcity: Got the unlock First ships, But we cannot yet rule out a humanitarian crisis.

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