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In Europe, vaccine duty was accepted by Austria; Greece and the Czech Republic expect this only for those over 60, while Germany is waiting. Of the rest of the world, only five states have the law in force

With ‘ Vaccination is mandatory for those over 50 years of age, Italy joins small patrols of countries that have accepted the move. Countries in range From Europe to South America to the distant atolls of the Pacific Ocean. On the other hand, the number of governments that have adopted this measure for certain types of workers, such as health care, is vast.

The road opened in EuropeAustria: Vienna has long announced that it will make vaccination compulsory for people over the age of 14 from February, and cheaters will be fined 3,600 euros (every three months).

Instead, make time quickly Greece, When binding a small audience to the population. In fact, this obligation will already begin on January 16th, but only applies to those over 60 years of age. Tax evaders will only be fined 100 euros and the proceeds will go directly to the public health fund.

In March and the Czech Republic, They should all be vaccinated by law Over 60. In Russia, this obligation applies only to residents St.Pietroburgo But only if elderly and suffering from chronic diseases.

I’m out of Europe Of all the governments that introduced the vaccine duty5. The most notable caseIndonesia It has predicted all its 273 million people. From the largest to the smallest, the government adopted the same measure Micronesia (Just 115,000 people). Including those on the team Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Ecuador The vaccine is for people over 18 years of age. Malaysia, on the other hand, offers it only to those over 60 years of age.

Twenty-one countries (Mainly concentrated in Europe) Accepted vaccination duty for government employees – not just hospitals. Then there are the special cases: The ChinaFor example, construction workers need thisAustralia To the mining sector.

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