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When he unexpectedly was elected President of Ukraine in 2019, he spent a career as a comedian after other things. A win In the first edition of the Ukrainian version of the show Dancing with the stars, It is not easy to predict that Volodymyr Zhelensky will lead a country within a few years during one of the most troubling wars in Europe from 1945 to the present. But what amazed analysts and heads of state around the world was that within a few days Zhelensky became a political leader of extraordinary charisma and determination, persuasive and courageous enough to be portrayed as a character by the international media. “Heroic”.

In the early days of Zhelensky’s invasion, consensus was declining before the war, and he used his skills as a liaison to deliver particularly effective and intense speeches aimed at the Ukrainian people, Western nations and the Russian people.

Zhelensky managed diplomatic relations with the Allies with great vigor and insistence, yet published some jokes. Something he scolded Italian Prime Minister Mario Tragi said in a speech to the House on Friday (“I will try to move the war agenda to talk to Tragi next time”) or he refused to help the Americans leave Kiev: “The war is here. I need ammunition, not a ride. Thursday. During a video conference with European leaders in the evening, Zhelensky asserted that “this is the last time you will see me alive,” explaining that there are obstacles to Russia’s main purpose in establishing a government puppet.

Zhelensky chose to be a symbol in the Ukrainian capital, one of the most decisive factors in making him a moral leader for the Ukrainians and a head of state to be admired and respected abroad.

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On Friday, the day after the invasion, Zhelensky, along with other government and party members, released a video on his social media accounts reiterating that they were still in Kiev.

The next day he did the same, filming himself walking through the center of the capital, where he denied the “false news on the Internet” that he had escaped and told the army to lay down their arms.

“It was his ability to speak to the public that allowed him to express the role of a national leader in wartime. He was able to reflect and plan the fears, desires and dreams of the people. He wrote L ‘Economist. “Zhelensky creates and explains a story that simultaneously emerges spontaneously among the Ukrainians, which speaks of a sense of rebellion, regression and survival”, “he said. Commented The New Statesman.

When wearing a picture of the President of Ukraine or a helmet and black jacket on the streets of a besieged city He takes a coffee Contrary to the attitude they have with Vladimir Putin, with the military engaged in defending the country, these days there is always taking in the Kremlin, who is isolated from everyone because he lived practically from the beginning of the corona virus infection or surrounded. By a few ministers and officials The bizarre meetings he attended.

If Zhelensky had in a few days become a kind of symbol of defending democratic values, Putin would have officially become a bandit with the invasion and a disregard for virtually all international political forces. Even those who had previously supported and praised him: Lego of Matteo Salvini in Italy or Marine Le Pen’s Rossemplement National in France.

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According to some analysts, despite his unusual past, Zhelensky has many qualities that have facilitated his transformation these days. He is best known for his satirical television series, With Sluka Narrow (“Servant of the People”), played by a high school teacher, was unexpectedly elected President of Ukraine after starring in a viral video exposing local government corruption. Acting as an alternative to oligarchy and elite governments, that role of inviting fellow citizens to bridge the divisions between the Ukrainian-speaking people and the Russian-speaking people helped to define his next political base.

During the 2019 election campaign, he formed his own party like a series, in which Zhelensky did not insist on his Atlantic orientation against the part of Ukraine that is most closely linked to Russia (he came from eastern Ukraine, in which the Russian language was spoken). Instead, he focused on other issues, enriching oligarchy at the expense of war-weary people in the east of the country, governments serving the interests of foreign powers, and ordinary people.

Zhelensky’s breakthrough came after a period of strong criticism for his failure to act as promised in the fight against corruption in Ukraine and for his outspoken compliance with Putin and a certain ambiguity over the weeks. Led to the invasion, which at times seemed to underestimate the possibility of a military attack on him. So, Writes The Washington PostPreparation for the attack was low in many ways, and the question of whether Zhelensky could lead the country during the crisis was particularly pressing.

But in the last few hours, a counter-reading has emerged among some analysts, according to which Zhelensky’s charisma played a decisive role in reviving the opposition of the Ukrainian military and people. Despite the difficulty in reconstructing and interpreting the progress of the Russian invasion, it is now clear that the offensive in these first four days was less effective than expected and did not proceed as Putin had hoped. Although the Ukrainian army is unusually weak compared to the Russian army, unexpected compactness and determination seem to be a factor.

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If Putin decides to increase the intensity of the war effort, this unexpected advantage will soon disappear: but what happened at this early stage confirms that many responded with unexpected pride and solidarity to the invasion of Ukraine, perhaps not even Putin.

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